Jeanette Kasouny

Jeanette Kassouny is an author and educator whose passion for children is the inspiration behind her many teaching and literary accomplishments. Jeanette Kassouny's talent became evident early on. During her high school years, Jeannette began writing short stories, several of which were published in the school's literary quarterly. Upon receiving a BA in Education from American University of Beirut, Jeanette Kassouny embarked on her professional teaching and writing career. During this time, Mrs. Kassouny also served on the editorial committee of many prominent publications. In addition to winning several prestigious teaching and literary awards, Jeanette Kassouny's compilation of short stories and plays have been published in various publications throughout the world. "Mangagan Ashkharh Ou Pem" (Children's World and Stage) is the most recent book by Jeanette Kassouny. The book is targeted to 7-14 years old children and teenagers, is 100 pages, containing 16 short stories and 7 plays, all of which have subtle messages of ethics, morality and love of the Armenian culture and heritage. "Mangagan Ashkharh Ou Pem" contains over 20 color illustrations created by artist Dicran Y. Kassouny. Jeanette Kassouny resides in Los Angeles, California, and teaches at the C&E Merdinian Evangelical School of California.
Role: Author