Jack Antreassian

Jack Antreassian has been editor of The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, a weekly newspaper, and Ararat, a quarterly literary magazine. He has edited selections from the magazine, entitled Ararat: A Decade of Armenian-American Writing. His translations include a collection of stories. Tales from the Armenian; Comrade Panchoonie by Yervant Odian; The Cup of Bitterness, eight stories by Antranig Antreassian; The Honorable Beggars and The Perils of Politeness, both by Hagop Baronian; Voice of Conscience by Krikor Zohrab; and, with Marzbed Margossian, Across Two Worlds: The Selected Prose of Eghishe Charents. He has also published Unworthy Offspring, The Confessions of Kitchoonie, Definitions &• Deflations and Armenia: Reflections in Verse.
Roles: Author, Translator