Inchpes em Barutyamb Kisvum
How I Share My Kindness

Ինչպես եմ բարությամբ կիսվում

(Number: BKT0483)
Hye Lezu (Publisher) Հայ Լեզու (Հրատարակչութիւն)
30 pages
Size: 8" x 10"
Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian

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This book is written in Armenian with English translation. It also includes a helpful guide for pronunciation using English lettering, distinguished with green and blue font. The pronunciation portion is in both Eastern and Western dialects. For Eastern, read the green writing. For Western, plug in the blue letters in parenthesis as you read the green writing. While we worked hard to provide this pronunciation guide, please be mindful that some of our beautiful letters are just too unique to be simplified in such a way! We suggest looking online for pronunciation videos for accuracy if necessary.

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