Hagop Bogigian
Armenian Pioneer & Philanthropist

(ISBN: 978-1-5136-0558-6)
2016 Arlington
115 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

Having arrived in the United States penniless in 1876, Hagop Bogigian, in a short while established a flourishing oriental rug business in Boston, which brought him financial success as well as contact with Boston's literary and social elite. Called "the first Armenian-American millionaire," upon retirement, Bogigian embarked on his true passions: correction of injustices, advancing the rights of American labor, and various philanthropic causes.

Loyal to his roots, Bogigian also devoted his resources to his less fortunate countrymen. He raised American sympathies to the Armenian Question in Ottoman Turkey, where over a million Armenians were annihilated and deported from their millennia-old homeland in the late nineteenth century and during World War I.
True to humanitarian causes, Bogigian also earmarked funds to help educational institutions. Specifically, he established full scholarships for needy and worthy young Armenian women at Wilson College, Mount Holyoke College, and Pomona College.

With the motto to "try to leave the world a little better place than found," Bogigian lived a remarkable life, providing a model for generations to remember their roots and to serve mankind.

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