Issues, Approaches, Resources, Vol. 24, Issue 2

(Number: BHG0034)
1987 Glen Head
100 pages
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Language(s): English


• Introduction: Teaching About Genocide, Samuel Totten

• Genocide: The Ultimate Human Rights Problem, Israel Charny

• Genocide: A Primer for Students in Grades 8-12, Samuel Totten

• The Puzzle of Genocide, Michael Freeman

• The Armenian Genocide, Richard G. Hovanissian

• An Interview with Vahakn N. Dadrian, An Expert on the Armenian Genocide, Harry James Cargas

• Rescuers of Jews During the Nazi Holocaust: A Study on Altruism, Samuel Oliner

• Recollection of the Cambodian Genocide: An Interview with Pick Hout, Survivor, Steven M. Schulz

• Iranian Baha'is and Genocide Early Warning, Bill Frelick

• Genocide, Nuclear Omnicide and Individual Responsibility, Ronald Santoni

• An Interview with U.S. Senator William Proxmire on U.S. Ratification of the Genocide Convention, Larry T. Patton

• Facing History and Ourselves: A Unique Educational Organization

• Genocide in World History Textbooks, Dan Fleming

• Holocaust Education: Reaching Students and Students Reaching Out, Leatrice Rabinsky

• Learning About A Scourge of Civilization: The Experience of a Teacher and his Class, John Anthony Scott

• Critical Thinking in Social Example, Jack Nelson

• The Personal Face of Genocide: Words of Witnesses in the Classroom, Samuel Totten

• Genocide: A Concept Action Model, Milton Kleg

• Teaching Genocide as a Contemporary Problem, Bill Frelick

• An American Genocide: A Unit, Donald Lankiewicz

• Justice, Punishment and Genocide: A Heuristic Example for Secondary Classroom Discussion, Joseph M. Kirman

• Authority and Liberty in Conflict: Genocide in Argentina, 1976-1983, A Unit for Study, William R. Fernekes

• How to Avoid (Legally) Conviction for Crimes of Genocide: A One-act Reading, Israel Charny

• A Brief Listing of Some of the Genocidal Acts that have Occurred During the 20th Century

• History and Moral Judgement, Roger Smith

• The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

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