Fire and Water Sister and Brother
An Armenian Myth

(ISBN: 0-9655507-2-9)
1998 Los Angeles
32 pages
Size: 11" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): English

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Based on an Armenian myth, this is a story of a power struggle between feuding siblings, who eventually learn to appreciate and admire each other. Beautifully retold by Alidz Agbabian, this easy and gloriously illustrated book will be enjoyed by both children and adults who appreciate children’s literature. It features original characters created by talented children’s author and illustrator Anahid Sarkissian, as well as a song—composed by children’s music specialist Lucina Agbabian Hubbard—that reinforces the emotional/psychological premise of the story with Armenian folk music idioms. Fire and water are competing siblings, who become bitter rivals threatening to eliminate each other. However, they eventually overcome their pride and realize, that their opposite identities need not stand in the way of mutual love and admiration.

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