Fairy Tales

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(ISBN: 978-5-8077-0839-7)
Arevik (Publisher)
2018 Yerevan
82 pages
Size: 8" x 10 1/2"
Language(s): English

Additional Artists

Karine Khachikyan (Translator) Khoren Hacobian (Artist) Խորեն Հակոբյան (Արուեստագէտ)

Includes 22 of the most liked folk tales by Hovhannes Tunamyan translated into English:

The Foolish Man, The Miller-King, The Sparrow, Black Kiddy, The Liar, Travellers, Brother Axe, The Talking Fish, The Clever and the Idiot Brothers, A Big Pot of Gold, The Master and the Labourer, The Handless Girl, THe Fox that Lost its Tail, The Invicible Rooster, THe Lying Hunter, The Carnival, THe Pradise Flower, Lacy Hoory, Life's a Party, Nazar the Brave, The Death of Kikos, and Unlucky Panos.

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