Nvair and friends (Composer, Performer)

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(Number: MCH0002)
HYEfamily (Producer)
2003 Paramus
Language(s): Western Armenian

Track Listings

1. Donadzar
2. Ays Eench Aghvor Donadzar
3. Charootiun Chuknenk!
4. Momer Varenk
5. Tsyoun Goo Kah
6. Loor Keesher
7. Nor Darvah Yerker
8. Tsyounuh Yegav Shad Arad
9. Zung, Zung, Zung
10. Nor Dareen
11. Gaghant Baban Eench Perav?
12. Khorhoort Medz
13. Dzuhnoontee Oror

New Years and Christmas songs in Armenian for children and their families

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