Crescent Moon, The

(ISBN: 1-881636-07-0)
1998 Austin
506 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): English

The Iranian revolution was like the eruption of a volcano. It changed the lives of all those who happened to be in its path. The revolution came about after years of clandestine preparation by Iranians dissatisfied with the autocratic rule of the Shah. One such revolutionary was Mani Abbassi married to an American young college graduate. They lived in the U.S. In the summer of 1976, Mani decides to return to Iran with his wife Andrea and their daughter. It is an exciting time for Andrea. She is eager to adopt her husband's country, its culture and get to know the people. Unexpectedly, her efforts are thwarted by her husband. He has a dark side Andrea has not known before. Soon her life in Iran becomes a nightmare and survival for her and her handicapped daughter excruciatingly difficult, if not impossible. She survives and triumphs with the help of her brother-in-law and local strangers. In a country plunged into a chaotic state by revolutionaries, including her husband, Andrea discovers herself, the greatness of an ancient culture and the beauty of the soul of the Iranian people.

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