Complete Armenian Cookbook, The
Including Favorite International Recipes

(ISBN: 0-915033-00-3)
1995 Glendale
280 pages
Size: 9" x 12"
Language(s): English

The Middle Eastern recipes in Mrs. Bezjian's book are not easily found in other cookbooks. I had not anywhere encountered a recipe for Ayesh-el-Sa-raya, a bread baked in syrup and topped with clotted cream. There is even a workable recipe for lokoom, a fruit paste, for which I had been searching for years. There are Armenian dishes which may perhaps surprise many Armenians, such as paska, the Russian-Armenian Easter bread, snail shaped fritters with syrup, or a pudding made with chicken breasts. Certainly, any Westerner will be fascinated with the variety, as I was.

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