Chronicles of Karabakh, The

Boris Baratov (Photographer, Author)
(ISBN: 978-5-900227-11-5)
Linguist (Publisher)
511 pages
Size: 10" x 13 1/2"
Language(s): English

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“The Chronicles of Karabakh” by Boris Baratov is a magnificent book, which traces the dramatic history of Artsakh-Karabagh, one of the provinces of Ancient Armenia. It describes the principal historical and architectural monuments and the native people of this region - the Armenians. More than one thousand colour illustrations, many of which have never been previously published, create a magnificent portrait of this mountanous island, which contains more than two thousand monuments of human culture: the remains of pre-historic man, ancient religious sites, early Christian monasteries, ancient arched bridges, fortresses, reliefs on stone crosses, rare manuscripts books and frescoes. Reading this book will take the reader on a thrilling journey to Karabakh - the ""blank spot"" on UNESCO maps - and enable him to see the work of ancient craftsmen and learn of the journeys and scientific expeditions to Karabakh undertaken by the classic of Armenian literature Raffi, the famous orientalist Iosif Orbeli, the art historian Lydia Durnovo and many more.

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