Armen Chakmakian (Performer, Composer, Producer)
(Number: MME0008)
TruArt Records (Producer)
2004 Glendale

Additional Artists

Andy Abad (Performer) John Bilezikjian (Performer) Susan Chakmakian (Performer) Martin Flores (Performer) Andre Harutyunuan (Performer) Gilbert Levy (Performer) Doug Lunn (Performer)

Track Listings

1. Fire Dance 5:17
2. Spirits Ride 6:16
3. Caravans 6:12
4. El Mirage 5:07
5. Without a Word 6:14
6. September 3:16
7. Trio 5:22
8. Hope Rising 5:20
9. Journey Home 2:05
10. Birdsong 5:17
11. Journey's End 3:28
12. Last Dance 4:42
Sensual and melodic, hypnotic and rhythmic, the power of the fire element blazes throughout the exotic and passionate compositions of Caravans, Armen Chakmakian's new release for TruArt Records. The Grammy Award-nomitated keyboardist formerly with Shadowfax scored a legion of fans worldwide when two tracks from his debut production, Ceremonies were featured in the popular Buddha-Bar series. In his second solo outing, Armen orchestrates a musical journey spanning new territory with this intoxicating fusion of world textures and contemporary jazz influences. With its percussive and inventive instrumentation, Caravans invites you to travel along as the language of sound propels you into the lush landscape of a world where adventure awaits.

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