Youth Home of Istanbul, The
A Story of the Remnants' Homecoming

(ISBN: 978-0-990-34835-1)
110 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

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Newly translated English edition of story presenting the Armenian orphanage of Istanbul. The Youth Home of Istanbul is the story of the Homecoming of hundreds of young boys and girls saved from Turkishness. It is simultaneously the story of a continuiun national tragedy, which is read in the annals of the daily anguish, the slow alienation and death of the remnants surviving, scattered here and there, suffering under the brute and willful usurpation of the Turk. Those remnants are spouses without Holy Matrimony, children without chrism or baptism, teens without Armenian school, young men without smiles, deaths without last rites and the right to an acestral grave. The Youth Home of Istanbul is a victory monument against the continuing Genocide.

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