Smart Nation
A Blueprint for Modern Armenia

(ISBN: 978-1-909382-34-3)
Paperback (Signed)
(ISBN: 978-1-909382-34-3)
2016 London
137 pages
Size: 5 1/4" x 8"
Language(s): English

Armenia is a Smart Nation, it has one of the most literate populations on the planet, it is a recognized world leader in games of strategy such as chess, Armenians around the world have been credited with many innovations and inventions used today, and Armenia’s future success will in part be determined how it can leverage its intellectual property in the technology sector.

Armenia needs to take full advantage of its smarts - whether it be in foreign affairs, leveraging the diaspora, propelling economic growth in regional areas, improving governance and combating corruption, addressing cultural issues, seeking a resolution not just management of the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict, and being a leader in the tech sector.

Armenia’s democracy is new, its heritage ancient. It has always survived. Now is the time for Armenia to prosper.

"Sassoon Grigorian has written an important and timely book on Armenian domestic and foreign policy challenges. He goes beyond data based analysis to cogent policy recommendations for decision makers. A highly recommended read at a critical geopolitical juncture in Armenia’s history.” -- Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian, Director, Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

"The Armenian nation is at the most critical phase of its millennia long existence: "to be or not to be” is a not an exaggeration. At a time where knowledge and intelligence reign supreme, "Smart Nation” authored by an experienced visionary, wise to the ways of international political and economic dynamics, is the timely blueprint gifted to Armenian leaders to heed and discharge their debt to history and their people.” -- Stepan Kerkyasharian AO Hon. D Litt.

"Smart Nation is indeed a blueprint, an illuminated road map if you will, for an ancient nation on the cusp of re-imagining and redefining a forward-looking narrative.” --Maria Titizian, Journalist and Lecturer, American University of Armenia.

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