Rugs and Weaving

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  1. Armenian Block Printed Fabric

    Armenian Block Printed Fabric

    CD Inside
    Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian

  2. Armenian Needle Made Lace & National Costumes

    Armenian Needle Made Lace & National Costumes

    Language(s): English, Western Armenian

  3. Armenian Tapestry

    Armenian Tapestry

    Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian, Russian

  4. Art of Armenia, The

    Art of Armenia, The

    An Introduction
    Language(s): English

  5. Gorgeri Havakatsu

    Gorgeri Havakatsu

    Collection of Rugs
    Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian

  6. Haykakan Aseghnagorts Zhanyak

    Haykakan Aseghnagorts Zhanyak

    Armenian Needlelace: Instructional Guidebook
    Language(s): Eastern Armenian

  7. President Calvin Coolidge and the Armenian Orphan Rug
  8. Remnants of the Past

    Remnants of the Past

    Collection of Lousick Agouletsi
    Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian

  9. Treasured Objects

    Treasured Objects

    Armenian Life in the Ottoman Empire 100 Years Ago
    Vazken-Khatchig Davidian (Editor, Author) Susan Paul Pattie (Editor, Author) Gagik Stepan-Sarkissian (Editor, Author)
    Language(s): English

  10. Weavers, Merchants and Kings

    Weavers, Merchants and Kings

    The Inscribed Rugs of Armenia
    Language(s): English

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