Avedis Ohanian

Born in Kirovakan in Armenia, Avedis Ohanian studied music in Syria and he holds the diploma from the Liceo Armeno Moorat-Raphael in Venice which he obtained in 1987. After a period in Armenia, where he studied medicine and was a voluntary helper during the disastrous earthquake there in 1988, he came back to Italy. In 1995 he graduated as a sound engineer in Milan, where he had worked previously as a musician and arranger, producing documentaries for the Serapian Foundation of Milan. Following this he worked in various music production companies and as a MIDI programmer. In 1988 he collaborated on the Ravenna Music Festival. From 1999, he went to live in Padua, where he began working with various radio and television companies and finally founded his own audio-visual production studeio (AudioStation).
Roles: Director, Producer