Armenian Massacres 1894 - 1896, The
U.S. Media Testimony

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(ISBN: 0-8143-3153-X)
2004 Detroit
317 pages
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Language(s): English

This compilation of articles, published in the U.S. media between 1895 and 1899, reflects the deep concern of the American public for the Armenian people, and also offers a fascinating window onto the world politics of the time—especially on the challenges of coordinating international action once news of the massacres began to emerge. Throughout these thirty-five reprinted articles, written by American diplomats, missionaries, journalists, religious and public figures, and scientists, the plight of the Armenian people unfolds. Not only do readers learn of the Armenian struggle for equality and, ultimately, independence from the Ottoman Empire, but they also discover rich evidence about the Armenians themselves, their Church, instabilities within the Empire, and charitable efforts spearheaded by American Christians.

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