Armenian Creatives 02
A Question Makes a Room for… A Collaboration

(ISBN: 978-1-7364724-2-2)
2023 New York
156 pages
Size: 7" x 10"
Language(s): English

For the Armenian Creatives' second anthology, collective members were invited to participate in collaborations. A Question Makes a Room for a Collaboration documents participants’ experiments, which range from reimagined archival practices, new translation endeavors, and playful exchanges across text and textile. Alongside these collaborations, our anthology disperses, and bears love to, archives from our gatherings over the past two years, March 2021–July 2022.

This publication comes with a sticker as well as an additional zine, Armenian Erotic Glossary, that includes words and descriptions of explicit sexual activity, erotic relationships, and genitalia.

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