Armen Melikian

Armen Melikian is above all else a humanist, one of those rare thinkers whose intensity of pasinteiiect. His poignant observations take to task the core tenets of metaideologies and Jockeying civilizations, helping to discard layer after layer of entrenched misinformation and dogma. Melikian brings a fresh, prodigiously layered voice to contemporary literature, not only expanding the boundaries of the novelistic endeavor as an artistic medium perse, but infusing it with extraordinary urgency and relevance in terms and philosophical thought as well as mythological exegesis. Melikian earned a Master's in International Relations from American University. However, he eventually eschewed a political career in favor of literature and has dedicated his life to writing since the late 1990s. Melikian lives with his wife in Los Angeles.
Role: Author