Areg Elibekian

Areg Elibekian lives in Montreal and was born in Yerevan, Armenia. He is the youngest of the well known family of artists. He graduated from the Yerevan Institute of fine arts. His work has been exhibited in Armenia, France, Lebanon, Canada, and the United States. He paints realistic images demonstrating temperament and talent. Aregs intentions are explicit and are conveyed through his pantings. He paints realistic images, yet his brushstrokes are filled with emotion. His works portray Parisian scenes, promenades in the park, sidewalk cafés with colorful awnings, fashionable storefronts, bridge crossings and viaducts at the majesty of the Seine River. The artists bold compositions are fired by the spirit of youthful creativity. His power of line and the use of color bring his works to life. In all of his pieces, Areg achieves a delicate balance between color and light, which has earned him recognition and success. - Dr. Garabed Belian Solo Exhibitions : 2002 - Galerie Klimantiris, Montreal. 2001 - Karen Mitchell Frank Gallery, Dallas. 2000 - Galerie Soleil, Montreal. 1999 - Noahs Ark Gallery, Beirut. 1998 - Galerie Haï Cie, Paris. 1998 - Galerie 22 Antwerpen, Belgium. 1997 - Galerie lOeil, Brussels. Permanent Exhibition : Galerie Klimantiris, Montreal. Galerie Soleil, Montreal. Galerie Jacqueline Lemoine, Paris. Galerie Daniel Besseiche, Pont-Aven (France). Karen Mitchell Frank Gallery, Dallas. Harbour Gallery, Mississauga (Ontario). Group Exhibitions : 2002 - Galerie Jacqueline Lemoine, Paris. 2001 - International Art Expo, New York. 2000 - Galerie Haï Cie, Paris. 1999 - Galerie Claude Bessard, Paris. 1997 - Armenian Library Museum of America, Boston. 1996 - Native Gallery, Providence. 1995 - A&M Manougian Museum, Detroit. 1993 - Hamazkain Art Gallery, Toronto. 1992 - Tekeyan Armenian Cultural Association, Mtl. 1992 - International Art Center, Lebanon. 1991 - Union of Armenian Arists Yerevan, Armenia.
Role: Artist