Antranig Chalabian

ANTRANIG CHALABIAN was born in Kessab, Syria, in 1922. After graduating from the local Armenian Evangelical School, he studied at Aleppo College (an American junior college) and graduated in 1944. He taught in his former school in Kessab for one year. Then he returned to Aleppo College where he taught English and arithmetic to the middle school classes from 1944 to 1949. In the summer of 1949 Chalabian moved to Beirut, where his family had settled in 1945. He taught English for one year at the AGBU Hovagimian-Manoogian High School. Then he took a position in the physiology department of the American University of Beirut, where he remained for twenty-seven years. During his last fourteen years there, he worked as a free-lance medical illustrator, illustrating almost entirely three medical books and thousands of research papers. Meanwhile he contributed articles to the city's Djanasser, Spiurk, and Nayiri papers. In 1977 Chalabian and his family immigrated to the United States and settled in Detroit. At that time he assumed his present position of public relations director at the AGBU Alex Manoogian School. He contributes articles regularly to Baikar, Nor Or, Abaka, The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, The Armenian Observer, and several other papers. Chalabian is married and has three grown children and six grandchildren."
Roles: Singer, Author