1915 Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Empire, The

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This folded map illustrates three prevailing aspects of the 1915 Armenian Genocide: the deportations, the massacres, and the concentration camps. The deportations affected the majority of the Armenians in the Turkish Empire. From as far north as the Black Sea and as far west as European Turkey, Armenians were forcibly removed to the Syrian desert. From the onset the deportations were marked by atrocities. At select sites, large scale massacres were carried out. The survivors were dispersed across Syria, Iraq, and as far south as Palestine, where they were left in inhospitable places. Starvation, thirst, and epidemic diseases destroyed vast numbers of those confined to these places of concentration. The deporties in many concentration camps were eventually killed through further massacres. As this map demonstrates, the total effect of the policies of the Turkish government was the mass destruction of the Armenian people.

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