River Ran Red, The
The Witnesses Trilogy Part III

J. Michael Hagopian (Producer, Director)
(Number: VGE0014)
Language(s): English
Color / 60 min.

The River Ran Red is the epic search for survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 along the Euphrates River. From his archives of 400 testimonies of survivors and eyewitnesses, award-winning filmmaker J. Michael Hagopian weaves a compelling story of terrifying intensity, taking the viewer from the highland waters of the river to the burning deserts of Syria... and to the final resting place of those whose blood ran red in the waters of the Euphrates. The Witnesses Trilogy is an encyclopedic attempt to present the Armenian Genocide as a unified documentation of annihilations: a detailed exposure of tyranny in the homeland, complicity and responsibility by rail-transportation of deportees, and clean up operations in the far reaches of a desert river. Dr. J. Michael Hagopian, director and producer of The Witnesses Trilogy, chronicles the near extinction of the Armenian people against the sweeping canvas of the lack of human rights and the absence of democratic traditions and principles in the Turkish Ottoman Empire. He presents an integrated theme demonstrating how victimization and genocide, perpetrated and denied, in one part of the world can become the breeding ground for greater crimes against humanity in another part of the world.

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