Richard N. Demirjian

Richard N. Demirjiari, a true American of Armenian descent, was born in 1927 on a farm near Byron, Michigan and attended grade schools in Byron, Cleveland and Detroit, graduating from Detroit's Southeastern High School in 1945. During these formative years he watched a world at war and developed a true sense of patriotism, honor and love of country. This, along with his Armenian heritage, helped establish the path he would follow for all the years to come. Upon graduation, Demirjian entered the Army, undergoing Infantry training at Fort McClellen, Alabama. Thereafter, he became an Infantry squad leader and was sent to Paris, France in 1946 where he served with the 583rd Quartermaster, Western Base Section, SHAEF. In January of 1947, he was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant. He received a direct commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Reserves and on October 17, 1949, was appointed commanding officer of the 334th Military Intelligence Interrogation Detachment. On December 9, 1958, he retired from the Army Reserves holding the rank of first lieutenant. During this same time period, Demirjian attended Wayne University in Detroit, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration in 1952. After his marriage to ""Dotty"" (nee Vahratian), the couple moved to Oakland, California in 1960 where Demirjian opened Scientific Platers, Inc., a division of Scientific Platers, Inc., of Alhambra, California. He also became a member of St. Vartan Armenian Church of Oakland, California where he is affiliated to this day. His interest in athletics and Armenians led him to co-found the W.A.A.A. Armenian Summer Games with the first games being held in 1969. They continue as an annual event in Fresno, California to this day. As an offshoot of this activity, he authored a book titled Armenian-American/Canadian WHO'S WHO of Outstanding Athletes, Coaches and Sports Personalities, 1906-1989.
Role: Author