Pro Armenia
Jewish Responses to the Armenian Genocide

(ISBN: 978-0-615-60583-8)
2012 Glendale
269 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

This collection of impassioned writings on the Armenian Genocide by Jewish diplomats, intelligence operatives, and members of the emerging human rights movement, sheds fresh new light on the events that led to the destruction and expulsion of the Armenian people from their historical homeland during the height of World War I. Their strong voices, filled with indignation at the scenes they witnessed and the acts they tried to put a stop to, demonstrate that the plight of the Armenians was not confined to a mere handful of diplomats but was made up of people from all walks of life. In part one, diplomats Henry Morgenthau, Lewis Einstein, and Andre Mandelstam, raise their voices to protest against the Armenian Genocide in works that exemplify the concern and worldwide mood and feeling felt for the Armenians. In part two, Attorney Vartkes Yeghiayan introduces the NILI spy group, and reveals the extraordinary efforts of a small band of guerillas that paved the way for British General Al-lenby to drive the Germans and Ottomans out of the Middle East. Eyewitness accounts by NILI members Aaron Aaronsohn, his brother Alex, their sister Sarah, and colleague Eitan Belkind, present their unique perspectives on how the genocide played out in the deserts of Syria and eastern Mediterranean. In part three, jurist Raphael Lemkin, chronicles the history of massacres against the Armenians, which later on compelled him to coin the word genocide. Part four is an essay by British-Armenian operative James Arootun Malcolm, who divulges his hitherto unknown role behind the Balfour Declaration. Unflinching and courageous, Pro-Armenia is an important documentary record which makes sources available to the greater public, and which will appeal to those who are inter┬Čested in the history of the Middle East and of genocide, its study and prevention.

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