Raphael Lemkin's Dossier on the Armenian Genocide
Turkish Massacres of Armenians

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(ISBN: 0-9777153-4-5)
2008 Glendale
145 pages
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Manuscript from Raphael Lemkin’s Collection, American Jewish Historical Society.

Raphael Lemkin was one of the greatest and most influential lawyers and human rights activists in the last century. Not only did he coin the word "genocide," but was also the prime mover for the enactment of the United Nations Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide (the "Genocide Convention"), the international law document that in 1948 made genocide an international "crime of crimes." Distressed by the cylical slaughter of Armenians by Turks in 1894, 1909, and 1915, Lemkin searched for legal remedies to punish perpetrators of mass murder and to deter and prevent future genocides.

Lemkin's dossier on the plight of the Armenians constitutes an important contribution for scholars, human rights activists and others seeking to know what the originator of the term genocide and the "father" of the Genocide Convention had to say about the Armenian Genocide.

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