Transit Fatherland
In Search of the Last Haven

(ISBN: 978-9939-76-087-2)
Versus Studio (Publisher)
2017 Yerevan
85 pages
Size: 6 3/4" x 9 1/2"
Language(s): English

The selection of articles is an attempt of covering 1946-49 repatriation of Armenians and the mass emigration of soviet era (particularly 1960-80s). As social phenomena the emigration in the book is presented in the context of 'soviet government-repatriate' relations, which can contribute to realizing and solving todays Armenia's many issues, including the assessment of nowadays huge influx of human resources.

The repatriation is one of the most positive historical facts reconfirming national identity not only for Armenians, but for many other nations. For this, a conscious decision is needed, a powerful motive to stop the life in a place and to rebuild it in another. Only free, independent Homeland-state giving development possibility can serve as such motive. If there is such Homeland, there would be a big influx of people, if not - nothing will change.

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