Artem Haroutiunian

Artem Haroutiunian was born in Stepanakert, the capital of Nagomo-Karabagh in 1945. After graduating from Yerevan State University, he earned his Ph.D. in American and English Literature from Moscow's Maxim Gorky Institute of World Literature. Haroutiunian is the author of five other books of poetry; Land of Signs (1977), which was awarded Armenia's ""Best Book of the Year"", Vista (1979), translated into Russian and awarded Russia's Maxim Gorky Award, Threshold (1984), and Words of Presence (1988). He is also the recipient of France's Rene Char award, and the V. Tekeyan as well as H. Ouzounian literary awards for his Conflagration of an Ancient Land, published in the United States in 1994. Letter to Noah and Other Poems is Haroutiunian is also prolific translator and critic, who has translated from English, French and Russian. Among his Armenian translations are James Joyce's Dubliners and an anthology of British and American poetry of the twentieth century. His critical works include A History of the English Novel and the Main Trends of Development In Post-war American Poetry (1945-1980), which was the first doctoral thesis in the former U .S.S. R. on contemporary American poetry. Haroutiunian has lectured at the universities of Moscow, the Sorbonne, Montellier, Paul Valery, Darham and Cleveland State. He is Professor of Foreign Literature and Literary Criticism at Yerevan State University, and is a Fulbright Scholar for 1994, at Colgate University.
Roles: Editor, Author, Translator