The Phenomenon of the Cilician Kingdom

Hayk Harutyunyan (Director, Producer)
(Number: VDO0032)
AZD Production (Producer)
Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian, Russian
124 min.

This is the history of an entire millenium, the history of glorious victories and crushing defeats; it is the history from Alexander the Great, the Macedonian, until Tigran the Great, from the love story of Antony and Cleopatra until the Apostle Peter, and the hundreds of years of hatred of two princely families towards each other and the solidarity brought about by wedded love. This is the story of clashes between great and powerful worlds, when two of the largest states of the time come out against each other. This is the story of our glory, the unique significance of the appearance of a united Armenian Kingdom. And even centuries later, anyone who knows this history will involuntarily call it a phenomenon.

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