A Survivor of the Armenian Genocide

(ISBN: 1-888156-02-3)
1996 Los Angeles
270 pages
Size: 5 1/4" x 8 1/4"
Language(s): English

Based on a memoir by Virginia Meghrouni. This is the gripping true story of a girl's indomitable will to survive the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish government against its Armenian subjects during World War I. Through a first-hand account of Vergeen's recollections, the brutalities endured by two million Armenians come to life and are mirrored a generation later by Hitler's attack on Jews. Destined for slaughter in the blistering Syrian desert, thirteen-year-old Vergeen and her widowed mother are deported from their home and forced to travel in ""death caravans"" over hundreds of miles. Miraculously, during the long journey on mules and on foot, they survive atrocities until , Turkish guards sell Vergeen to an Arab nomad. She suffers an intolerable year-long existence as a Bedouin slave prior to escaping and stumbling into a Syrian railway camp where she finds sanctuary and the loving protection of a young accountant. It takes several more years, more adversities before Vergeen is finally able to mend her life.

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