Noubar Partamian's Satirical and Archaeological Writings

Նուպար Փարթամեանի երգիծական եւ հնագիտական գրութիւնները

(ISBN: 978-1-4958-1461-7)
2017 West Conshohocken
367 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): Western Armenian

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NOUBAR is the collection of satirical and archaeological writings of Noubar Partamian done over the course of three decades. Part 1 of the book includes works of comedy and social satire that go back to his earlier years as an educator. Part 2 of the book includes writings of his later years as an archaeologist in Syria. These were all written in western Armenian. The book contains over 100 authentic archaeological drawings made by Noubar himself. His humor is persistently visible throughout the book.

The editor of this book is Noubar's son, Leon N. Partamian, who is a family physician in California. Having lost his father at a young age and realizing both the literary and scientific values of Noubar's scattered writings, Leon was determined to collect, edit and publish all his work under a single title. That dream has now become a reality in a book he called NOUBAR.

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