Pink Tail Tip
Armenian Children's Party Songs

Dzovig (Composer, Producer, Performer)
(Number: MCH0045)
Language(s): Western Armenian

Additional Artists

John Hajjar (Director, Producer)

Track Listings

1. Ay Nabasdag
2. Bochig
3. Shokegarke
4. Ver Ver
5. Sedakhos Mihran
6. Menk Ge Khaghank
7. Googooleegoo
8. Shoghkame
9. Peeson Peeson
10. Pari Daretartz
11. Zankagner
12. Gaghant Baban Oush E
13. Yeghnigov Sahnag
14. Gaghant Baba
15. Gaghant
16. Nor Dari

This fabulous CD is a collection of 16 Armenian songs, of which four are new original songs, and 12 famous old favorites. It includes five well known Christmas songs and one new song devoted to the New Year. These songs are carefully arranged in a modern and exciting way, which will sure be a hit at children’s parties!

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