I & Death

(ISBN: 978-0-984-5549-66)
46 pages
Size: 8" x 8"
Language(s): English

I & Death is a profoundly inspiring, beautifully illustrated work that deals with the defining moments of one’s life journey — and ultimately the wonderful paths which love takes to enrich our lives. Through a series of vivid reminiscences, the author revisits his conversations with various “partings and landings,” the spiritual transferences that occur between loved ones and friends. The stories that Kardash recounts include his childhood impressions at the moment of his grandfather’s departure; the achingly beautiful experience of writing and exchanging poems with his father during the last weeks of his life; the tenderly reflective insights of attending one last time to his mentor, Raoul Hague; and the often frustrating challenge of coming to grips with the meaning of finality. Juxtaposed with photographs of Kardash Onnig’s sculptures — which themselves speak of spiritual transference — I & Death is ultimately a soothing, deeply rewarding work that celebrates life and rebirth.

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