Hagop Hagopian

Հակոբ Հակոբյան

Շահեն Խաչատրյան (Խմբագիր, Հեղինակ) Shahen Khatchatrian (Author, Editor) Հակոբ Հակոբյան (Արուեստագէտ) Hagop Hagopian (Artist)
(ISBN: 978-9939-0-0461-7)
Tigran Mets (Publisher)
2013 Yerevan
142 pages
Size: 7 3/4" x 9"
Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian

Dedicated to his 90th birth anniversary. This book was ready to be printed when the saddest event happened. The painter, who would have soon turned ninety (May 16, 2013), passed away on March 9. Hagopian is a painter who deeply lives his epoch and venerates love. Even if his pictures seem desert, they breathe with his eloquent soul. To communicate this way with nature means to give people super-honesty. - Martiros Sarian We have got a useful lesson from our beloved, endowed with rare talent friend. With characters inherent to a true Armenian, he makes us communicate with the most significant lesson of art history. Hagopian looks with the eyes of his own soul at the world in which he remains himself a unique phenomenon; one feels that he has been united to the native soil from long, long ago. - Minas Avetisyan

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