Hadjin, If We Forget You...

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(ISBN: 978-0-692-83110-6)
ARS Publishing (Publisher)
2017 Glendale
291 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8"
Language(s): English

Hadjin, If We Forget You... is a testimony that begins with the tragic events experienced by the town of Hadjin during the Armenian massacres in Cilicia (April 1909) and throughout the Armenian genocide (1915-1918). The book describes the deportation of the population in June 1915, the march of the author's parents from one concentration camp to another and the agony and annihilation of the Armenian people in the Syrian desert. Following the Armistice of Mudros (1918), the survivors returned to their native towns and villages after the loss of many family members during four years of wandering in exile.

However, the final act of destruction was still ahead. Hadjin, isolated from the world and lacking any assistance, managed to heroically resist the siege by Mustafa Kemal's Turkish nationalist forces from March 1920 until the fall of the town on October 15, 1920, which ended in the massacre of 8,000 Ar¬menian civilians.

The eyewitness accounts of American missionaries, like Rose Lambert, for example, who was stationed in Hadjin in 1909, and French officers of the Eastern army present in Cilicia from 1919-1921, particularly Paul du Veou and Colonel Edouard Bremond, made these events well known. Haiganoush Satchian-Grkacharian has documented the destruction of the town based on the developments already recorded in history and enhanced the value of this testimony with the rare recollections of her parents, born and raised in Hadjin, who were among the few survivors of the catastrophe of 1920.

In the final chapter, the author explains to future generations how the Arme¬nians of Cilicia were forced to leave the land of their ancestors and be scattered throughout the world.

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