Gift in the Sunlight, A
An Armenian Story

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Paperback (Signed)
(ISBN: 1-903656-56-7 )
Taderon Press (Publisher) Gomidas Institute (Publisher)
2005 Reading
205 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English, Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian

New 2nd Edition. “A vision,” grandmother Shushan whispers as she helps the midwife with the birth of a baby. “I see many gifts coming to this child, some in the sunlight and some in the shadows, all showering down from heaven....” The year is 1901 and the newborn is named Flora. Fourteen years later during the terrible time of World War I, Flora is caught in the dark tides of ethnic cleansing. She and her family are among two million Armenians deported from their homes in Turkey. Forced to walk hundreds of miles to the barren deserts of Syria, the forced march becomes a death sentence for more than a million of them. Flora’s father begs a stranger to save Flora and her sister. The man takes the girls, but Flora’s world then turns into another living nightmare. What Flora doesn’t know is that there are rays of hope... that gifts in the sunlight are coalescing and are yet to come. A Gift in the Sunlight is inspired by a true story. “This story is a journey back in time... a unique picture of life during the tragic Armenian deportations in the Ottoman Empire.” –Donald E. Miller, Lorna Touryan Miller, authors of Survivors, An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide “Kay breaks the silence making transformation possible for all of us who hold this terrible dark history” –Olympia Dukakis, author of Ask Me Again Tomorrow: A Life in Progress “Mouradian’s work is a realistic and intensely moving portrayal of the Armenian Genocide experience as told not only by a child of survivors, but by a truly talented writer. It is at once courageous, heartbreaking, angry, cathartic. An act of generosity and witness.” –Andrew Goldberg, Two Cats Production

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