Convent of Cypresses, A Hill of Bones

(ISBN: 1-55096-630-8)
Exile Editions (Publisher)
2001 Toronto
69 pages
Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Language(s): English

During the war years of 1915-16, the Turks slaughtered the Armenians. A genocide, forgotten and denied, took place. But Tutunjian, travelling into the desert in his father’s steps – his father who survived by crawling as a child out of a hill of the dead – finds the bones, finds the root of who he is, and who the killers are. A short book long on pain, long on discretion, totally authentic. Includes an Introduction to the Genocide by Tutunjain, and features 28 historical photographs of the Armenian persecution, a Genocide map, illustrations to compliment the narrative, historical references, and web links.

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