Why I Love Armenia

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(ISBN: 978-619-91019-1-9)
384 pages
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Language(s): English

When an honest-to-goodness Activist for Armenia, Armenian by Choice, and Guy-Who-Left-His-Heart-in-Armenia writes a book about his overriding passion, it becomes nearly impossible to stay within the confines of traditional literary genres. The content and message of this book draw upon a combination of years of reading and studying, as well as real-life interactions with peoples, cultures, and languages.

The spark I felt upon my first arrival in Armenia, the wonderful time I had during my stay, and the generosity exhibited by the Armenians—citizens of the Republic as well as those spread around the globe—all made me realize that this country, and these communities, are treasures that the rest of the world should have the chance to become acquainted with. That spark soon turned into fascination, and then into true love. From that true love came the decision to invite potential readers to join me on my journey to one of the most well-hidden, yet most intriguing,
countries on earth. A visit to Armenia is a great adventure that no traveler should miss out on.

Despite the fact that the ancestors of almost every living Armenian were subjected to the horrors of genocide 103 years ago when they were almost totally annihilated, Armenians and their culture are still here, and still going strong. And despite difficult relations and closed borders with neighboring countries Turkey and Azerbaijan, the Armenians remain a proud and industrious people.

In reading this book, you will learn about present-day Armenia with its natural beauty and many attractions, as well as the Armenians themselves and their culture, food and drink. You will also learn everything you need to know about the Armenian Genocide and its denial, the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict, and of course my own journey to—and love affair with—Armenia and Artsakh.

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