Song of My Heart, The

(ISBN: 978-9939-0-1502-6)
Balboa Press (Publisher)
2015 Bloomington
163 pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Language(s): English

This inspirational book is for those who love nature and gardening; and for those who enjoy listening to the beautiful songs of the birds. My garden is a symbol of love for my parents and the legacy they left for my family and me. For me, the garden conveys a connection with nature and my childhood. I have unforgettable memories. It also symbolizes my love for my parents and appreciation for the legacy they left behind. They are with me in my glorious garden all the time. Our home in Armenia was adorned with beautiful flowers that glowed and glittered under the golden beams of the sun. So is my garden, in a secret corner of my Los Angeles backyard. This book also refers to the mother-daughter relationship. With both sweet and sorrowful tears, I dedicated this book to my dearest daughter, Anoush. Knowing her own family story, Anoush would know where she came from and where she is heading.

My book also embraces those who immigrated to the United States from other countries. It is about parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren. It is about five generations living together in the twenty-first century in harmony. It is an interesting, exciting, and fulfilling opportunity for each generation to live together and learn from each other. It speaks of family relationships mainly concentrates on mother-daughter and father-daughter relationships. The family legacy continues in those families where relationships are clear and clean, there is mutual respect for each other, and positive approaches are used to deal with family issues. In these families, nobody is alone. They solve their problems together.

It pulls in precepts from educators as well. It clearly shows how the community and schools effect our children's development.

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