Armenians of Antioch, Alexandretta and Mousa Dagh
With the Postcards from the Collection of Orlando Carlo Calumeno

Osman Koker (Editor)
(ISBN: 978-9756158302)
2014 Istanbul
167 pages
Size: 9 1/2" x 8 3/4"
Language(s): English, Turkish

A hundred years ago, there were some 1,000 villages with a population consisting of Armenians wholly or greatly within the borders of modern Turkey. Today you can talk about only one: the village of Vakifli in the Samandagh district of the province of Hatay. Though the motive of this book was the desire to shed light on the history of Vakifli, the result is a work not limited to it. In the book while brief information about the history of Armenians of Alexandretta, Antioch and Mousa Dagh are given, some forgotten details are pointed out. The fact that Armenians had continued their presence in these lands far from their historical homelands almost unbroken for over two thousand years will surprise the reader. The detailed information and extremely rich visual materials given in the book will make it possible to imagine the state of Antioch and Alexandretta ninety or a hundred years ago.

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