Armenian Highland, The
Western Armenia and the First Armenian Republic of 1918

Matthew Karanian (Photographer, Author)

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(ISBN: 978-0-9672120-5-0)
Hardcover (Signed)
(ISBN: 978-0-9672120-5-0)
312 pages
Size: 10 3/4" x 8"
Language(s): English

THE ARMENIAN HIGHLAND is a beautifully illustrated historical guide to the ancient homeland of the Armenians-- lands that are commonly known today as Historic Armenia.This impressive 312-page volume provides a unique perspective on the Armenian past that has survived in Ani, Kars, and Western Armenia—all lands that are outside the borders of today’s modern Republic of Armenia.Author Matthew Karanian brings these ancient Armenian lands alive through a masterful combination of story-telling, historic maps, and more than 200 photographs—both modern and ancient. Karanian first signals to the reader his intent to resurrect the Armenian past through his use of the geographic term Armenian Highland as the title of the book.For millennia, the Armenian Highland was recognized as the name of the vast highland plateau of Asia Minor—the homeland of the Armenians. The name was purged from most maps in the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide. Today, most Armenians have stopped using the name, as well.Karanian revives the name, just as he seeks to revive ancient Armenia. The result is a book that proudly showcases an Armenia that has rarely been seen since 1915.Part of the Armenia that survived the genocide, and was then snuffed out one century ago, is the First Armenian Republic of 1918. This republic was sited on the easternmost part of the Armenian Highland, and its surviving Armenian culture is recognized in this beautiful hard cover book, as well.

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