Counteractive Art
From the Middle East

(ISBN: 978-9953-475-10-3)
Shirak (Publisher) Շիրակ (Հրատարակչութիւն)
2008 Beirut
88 pages
Size: 8 1/2" x 10"
Language(s): English

Can an artist study (or not study,) live, think and work inside the Middle East and still be artist? Can a woman break free of a sketch, jump off a sticky line written for her, creep out of the flat page and still travel in a whirlwind as artist? Can the soft hand be stained with blood; can it be soiled with earth and filth; and then be dipped in sweat and ink and still refuse to be pampered inside a glove they call artist? Can the wrapping capture the gift? Can the mornings disown the ray and is the tongue there to drown to say? How can the eye drink the ocean and still insist to be artist? This book is written to ask these questions.

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