Adventures of Dodi and Vaco and Colors and Shapes, The

Vaco (Author, Performer, Producer, Composer)
(Number: VCH0029)
3A Productions (Producer)
Language(s): Western Armenian

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Prolific, award-winning singer-songwriter Vaco has been an integral part of the Armenian children's world since 1989 when he released his first album, "Children's World." Since then, he has produced "Mischevous Armen", "When I Grow Up", "An Armenian Christmas", "Playground", and two vidos, "ABC" & "1,2,3". Vaco's compositions create a humorous and enchanting world where children are invited to appreciate the beauty of animals and their environment. A wide spectrum of sounds, ranging from live crickets to the African rain stick, enrich Vaco's melodies, making them endearing to children of all ages. With "Colors & Shapes" video, Vaco and Dodi teach children all about the basic colors and shapes. Through a magical journey of songs from award winning "Playground" CD, Vaco, Dodi and friends, enchant children and carry them to a world filled with playful puppies, a fisherman called Capt. Zoro and the singing bird Coco. Vaco's joyful adventur in "Colors & Shapes" invites all children to participate in a sing-along of wholesome, educational fun.

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